Jeg ser deg

Kjøp billett

Please note: This film is in Norwegian without English subtitles.


Every year, about 1500 people go missing in Norway, and some of them are never found. When the police give up, some relatives choose to explore other methods. In the documentary Jeg ser deg, we meet Michael Winger, who uses what he himself calls a strong intuition to try to solve cases of disappearance. However, many are sceptical. Are his abilities genuine? Is it ethically right to offer this kind of assistance to families when it may be detrimental for the relatives if he does not succeed?


Winger does not claim to be a psychic but believes that there is more to the human

sensory device than meets the eye in daily life. In 2011 he won the reality contest «Jakten på den 6. sans» and is one of Norway’s most profiled clairvoyants. In the documentary, we witness how Winger works free of charge and systematically registers his discoveries, hoping that he will eventually be able to convince society that there are aspects of human nature that have not yet been documented.




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