Ely finds herself pregnant at the young age of 17, and as many at her age, she is not yet ready to become a mother. It fits badly into her busy life as a student in high school with a part-time job. Abortion is never an easy decision, but it becomes even more difficult when living in Argentina where abortion is actually illegal. Invisible is a silent insight into Ely's life and the decision she must make that will change her future forever. Director Pablo Giorgelli is perhaps best known in Norway for his debut movie, On the road to Buenos Aires (2011), which won the award for Best Film in the Film from the South and Bergen International Film Festival. Giorgielli's quiet style is again present, with silence and lingering pictures providing us with plenty of time to ponder over Ely's inner conflict. The pace is not fast, but Invisible is no slow movie. Each and every second has a purpose and we are looking forward to seeing what more Giorgielli has to offer in the future.



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nei, takk