Inna de Yard

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Inna de Yard follows the supergroup of the same name, consisting of pioneers within the reggae genre such as Ken Boothe, Cedric Myton, Winston McAnuff and Kiddus I. In 2017, the group recorded an acoustic album together with a handful of performers from the younger generation of reggae musicians. This is a three-part documentary, focussing on the performers’ daily lives in Jamaica, the recording of the album, and the band’s subsequent tour in Europe. Reviewers call the documentary the Jamaican version of Buena Vista Social Club (1999). 

Inna de Yard definitely falls into line with nostalgic retrospects of the 60s and 70s, still regarded as the golden age for Jamaican pop music. However, the documentary is more than a sentimental portrait, as it sheds light also on the people behind the music, displaying this remarkable piece of music history through their stories and memories. If you’re a fan of reggae, the film is a welcome contribution, devoting itself to giving a wholehearted portrayal of the period, while at the same time providing newcomers with insights to the genre.

The screening will be introduced by Mathias Østrem, curator at Rockheim – The National Musem of Popular Music.     



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