Gipsy Queen

Kjøp billett

Ali, once a promising young boxer from the Romani community and the only daughter of a Romani leader, falls in disgrace when she gives birth to her second child out of wedlock. Gipsy Queen provides both a social-economic as well a human perspective of single motherhood in a world reserved for the privileged. This is a stunning performance from Romani Actress Salina Serban who plays Ali. With a grim Hamburg as the backdrop, she fights for her life and honour both in and outside of the boxing ring. 

The film effectively sheds light on the immigrant experience in Germany: as no one wants to rent to Romani people, Ali is forced to live together with her friend, and her daughter faces racism at school. The former boxing champion Jürgen Blin, who won the European heavyweight title in 1972, also impresses in the role as one of the boxing coaches. He is best known for fighting Muhammad Ali on 26 December 1971, a fight in which he was knocked out in the seventh round after a fierce battle.



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