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In this cinematic journey through Gaza, the Irish filmmakers Garry Keane and Andrew McConnell provide us with a seldom opportunity to get an insight into the everyday life of the people living in the region. Despite the visible destructions around them due to the many years of conflict, most are trying to lead meaningful lives. We meet people of all ages telling stories we all can relate to about family, everyday-life, hope, and dreams. 

In 2014, Andrew McConnell started a photo project with the intent to document the surf culture in Gaza. Halfway through the project, the war began, and the whole project took a different direction. Instead of taking sides, the film focuses on the victims in the political game of Hamas on the one hand, who controls the area, and Israel on the other, who wishes to take control. Through an observational use of the camera, the directors are first and foremost trying to convince the world that it’s time to save the people of Gaza – before it’s too late. The important documentary was Ireland’s candidate to the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film.



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