For Sama

Kjøp billett

«Now I wish I had never given birth to you» filmmaker Waad al-Kateab at one point says to her daughter whom the film is dedicated to. We follow al-Kateab from the start of the uprising against the Syrian government in 2012, through ardent attempts of standing her ground, save lives and not give up the dream of living in Aleppo. While bombs are falling around her, al-Kateab chooses to live her life the best way possible. She falls in love, marries and gives birth to two children. By making the film, she hopes to explain, and perhaps to justify even, her decision to set her own and her family’s lives in danger by staying.  

Al-Kateab films herself and those around her over several years, through the good and bad moments of life. The result is painful, intimate, and honest. Al-Kateab doesn’t shy away from the horrors of the war, whether it’s the death of friends or children. For Sama gives us a raw and brutal insight into the consequences of war and a woman’s attempt to cope. The film contains strong scenes. 



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