Film + teater = Apokalypse Nå! og Det latterlige mørke

Kjøp billett

«The mind of man is capable of anything – because everything is in it, all the past as well as all the future.»*


Get ready for Kosmorama with a film screening saturday March 2nd at Gamle Scene at Trøndelag Teater!


Trøndelag Teater is this spring playing The Ridiculous Darkness  (tickets) by Wolfram Lotz, a play inspired by Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness and Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse now! In the play, we follow to soldiers on their way deep into the jungle of Afghanistan to find the irresponsible lieutenant colonel Deutinger. The play is directed by Jonas Corell Pettersen, scenography is by Nia Damerell and sound design by Øyving Wangensten. Sound artist Lasse Marhaug has developed an expressive soundscape for this show.


Saturday March 2nd you can watch a special screening of Apocalypse Now! at Gamle scene at Trøndelag Teater. It will be a unique experience to watch film in one of Trondheim's most beautiful arenas. We urge you to see both the film and the play but you can choose to see both on saturday March 2nd or to watch the play another time.


Where The Ridiculous Darkness is set to one of our time's most difficult conflicts in Afghanistan, Apocalypse Now! is set to the Vietnam war. Captain Benjamin Willard is ordered to kill one of his own who has rebelled against his superiors and built his own head quarters outside of American military control. The mission becomes a murderous deep dive into the madness of the war. 

Get your tickets for Apocalypse Now! here.

*Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness




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