Film with Words at Lokal Scene: Thelma and Louise

Kjøp billett

Kosmorama welcomes «Film with Words» back to Trondheim, and after a full house at last year's festival, we bet the rest of town does too! 

The concept is as follows: Without any preparations, a group of actors are going to perform a script live. Actor Rolf Kristian Larsen (Home Ground series, The Man Who Loved Yngve) brings with him three actors from our own Trøndelag Teater, and together they'll be doing their utmost to guide us through a classic film when script, parts and all sorts of challenges suddenly present themselves on stage. 


Tonight's script is Thelma & Louise (1999), an iconic road movie by Ridley Scott where two women end up fleeing from husband, boyfriend and the police. The dialogue will be in English, while the stage directions will be given in Norwegian.   




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