Film concert: Amadeus Live

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Previous court composer Antonio Salieri is committed to a mental hospital, and wants to remedy his sins. He claims to have killed Mozart, the genius composer whom he has lived in the shadow of his entire life. Through Salieris story, we get to know Mozart and his music. Director Milos Forman won an Oscar for best director for this film, which also won no less than seven awards during the Oscars in 1985, including best film.


Amadeus is one of history’s biggest music-films. The biographical film about Mozart’s tragicomic life and geniality has enthused film- and music lovers in more than 30 years. In collaboration with TSO (Trondheim Symphony Orchestra) we invite you to a spectacular film screening in Olavshallen March 7th. Experience the film and the amazing music by Mozart performed live with a full orchestra and choir on stage.




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