Stilbildel fra vinner av New Director Awards 2013,  Beyond the Hills, regissert av Cristian Mungiu

Still from Boyond the Hills, winner of the New Director Awards 2013. Directed by  Cristian Mungiu

Kosmorama New Directors – searching for new talents

The New Directors program will be a mix of exciting newcomers and filmmakers with two and three movies on their CV. It is a mixture of completely unknown directors and filmmakers who have already achieved a significant position in the international film industry. What they all have in common is that they will be very exciting filmmakers to follow for the next 10-20 years.

Our long term goal is that these filmmakers should spend a few days in Trondheim, as we want to create a forum where these filmmakers can meet up, discuss their films and upcoming projects, and hopefully be an inspiration to each other through the New Directors forum.

We also aim to create a forum where these talents can meet a curious Norwegian audience.

It is our intention that the program will have a good geographical spread so that all continents and areas of the world will be represented.


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