Kosmorama and Shine welcomes you to an exclusive screening of the documentary Dries (2017).

The fashion store Shine travels the world, handpicking the best clothing items every season. We think that these are the perfect surroundings to show the documentary, and we can't wait! It's a golden opportunity to learn more about the fashionworld, for both fashion enthusiasts and most people. 

Join us behind the scenes of iconic fashion designer Dries Van Noten! We meet Dries in his atelier, at fashion shows ans his home in Antwerpen. The designer is known as a very private man, but this documentary lets us follow him around for an entire year. We get an insight to the life, brains and creative heart of the master designer. The film shows the creative process of four collections, from design to the careful selection of fabrics, embroideries and exclusive prints.  



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