Jacques has lost his family, house and job. He loses contact with everyday routines, which gradually causes him to also lose contact with reality. During a futile walk after being thrown out of his home, he finally ends up at a pet store. The owner adores him and lets him live with him. However, not like a friend - like a dog. In this vulnerable predicament, Jacques lets it happen, and very soon, he begins to lose his own humanity.

Regarding the development of the film, author and director Samuel Benchetrit writes the following:

"I wrote Dog during in a difficult patch in my life. I was depressed and wanted to take a break from society without disappearing completely. That is when I made up Jacques, who had also fallen by the way side. He became "invisible" by assuming the lowest level of life: a dog. You do not expected much of dogs: they do not have to be funny or ambitious. They have no financial worries. I fantasized about being like that, having peace of mind. Gradually, my worries disappeared. Like Jacques, it felt like I was no longer part of this world. In the story, Jacques lowered himself to total submission, but in reality, I managed to climb out of my hole. I started writing again. I started working again. I started a project that I was passionately engaged in: first a book that was published in 2015 and then a movie script."



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