«Darling» is an internationally acknowledged ballerina, and is returning to her old dance company in Copenhagen to play the lead in the ballet show Giselle. Everything goes great until she gets injured, and is told that she can never dance again. A younger dancer is given the role as Giselle, but Darling can’t quite let it go. Impeccable acting from lead actor Danica Curcic (Broen, The Mist) makes sure we can’t turn away before the end credits. Astrid Grarup Elbo, who plays the young dancer that gets the lead role after Darling’s injury, is a graduate from The Royal Ballet School. She is normally part of the permanent ensemble at The Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen, where Darling was filmed. This is her film debut, but we hope that we get to see more of her. Be sure not to miss Gustaf Skarsgård (Vikings) in the role of Frans, a handsome choreographer, and Ulrich Thomsen (The Celebration, Adam’s Apples) as the company boss.



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