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Daniel is based on the true story about the Danish director Daniel Rye, who was taken captive by IS in Syria. Rye travelled to Syria to document the war but was kidnapped and held hostage for 398 days.

The film is based on a book by Puk Damsgård, written in close collaboration with Daniel and his family. As a film, the book’s been turned into a story about irrepressible hope in a desperate situation. In addition to giving insight into the nightmarish existence in captivity, the film follows the family in their struggle to bring Daniel safely home. Without help from the Danish government, which refuses to negotiate with terrorists, the family must collect 15 million in ransom to release Daniel.    

Daniel was the film with the most nominations during the Robert Awards 2020, the Danish equivalent of the Oscars. It received a total of 14 nominations, among them in the categories of Danish film of the year, director of the year, best actor in a leading role and adapted screenplay of the year.

Co-producer Gudny Hummelvoll will be present to introduce the screening Mondag at 18.00.



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