Kjøp billett

One hundred metres below ground level in Copenhagen, the new metro is being built. The metro company sends its PR coordinator down to write a puff piece about the project and all the inspiring international collaboration it entails. While getting a tour in a closed pressurised chamber, disaster strikes and she finds herself locked in the little room with two of the construction workers. It is a sweaty, claustrophobic and nail-biting intense film experience.


This is the debut film for both director Rasmus Kloster Bro and lead actress Christine Sønderris. Sønderris won the award for best actor in the Bratislava film festival for her performance in Cutterhead, with the jury concluding the following «From an acting point of view, it is an amazingly built character of patience and dignity in the most difficult moments, yet with a will and determination of a winner. A wonderful character and an exquisite actress who is expected to continue to surprise».





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