Culinary Cinema - The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution

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Friday March 8th we invite to culinary cinema at Jossa with a screening of the documentary The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution, where we meet several women that are working hard to change the tough kitchen culture.


Running Jossa is award winning chef Heidi Bjerkan, who has put Trondheim on the culinary world map as the founder of Credo and Jossa.


During the screening a three course menu based on the very best local ingredients. As an appetizer a taste of the ocean, as the main course whole grilled chicken from Hovelsrud farm with sides and for dessert raw milk ice cream.


The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution

The chef profession is at the precipice of a new era. With more and more women at the helm, a new generation of chefs emerges. A generation that is revolutionizing the industry and refuse to bow to the ruthless environment we know about from celebrity chefs and reality TV. In The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution we meet some of the world’s most renowned female chefs and get a rare view into their journey to where they are today and the road towards a new kitchen culture.




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