Culinary cinema: Goodfellas

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2020 sees the 30th anniversary of the timeless classic Goodfellas, and Kosmorama celebrates with a screening and a three-course Italian menu put together especially for the occasion.   


– What did you bring?

Prosciutto, salami, a selection of cheese and freshly baked bread with aioli 

– Don’t put too many onions!

Tomato ragu of veal and pork. Served with pasta, herbs and parmesan

– You think I’m funny

Tiramisu - mascarpone cream and finger biscuits dipped in coffee and marsala


Martin Scorsese’s classic gangster film Goodfellas was nominated for six Oscars and is still considered one of the best films of the genre. 

Growing up in the 50s’ New York, Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) has only one wish: to become a gangster. He and his fellows the unstable Tommy (Joe Pesci) and the legendary Jimmy Conway (Robert De Niro) make up a trio managing the American-Italian organized crime in New York. As time goes by, the dynamic between the mafia brothers changes, and Henry Hill discovers that being a gangster isn’t as great as he once thought.



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