Corpus Christi

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After several years in prison, Daniel is ready to start working at a sawmill. While serving his sentence, he’s had a spiritual awakening, and his biggest wish is to become a priest. However, having a criminal record prevents him. On his way to his new job, someone mistakes him for a catholic priest, and Daniel doesn’t let them know that they’re wrong. 

In a masterly fashion, director Jan Komasa displays the atmosphere in a small parish marked by sorrow and rage after the death of several young people in a car accident. The village is in desperate need of a priest, and Daniel starts his career in the Catholic church. 

Corpus Christi is nominated for the Oscar for best international feature. Bartosz Bielenia has won several awards for his soulful acting, and Daniel appears as a caring, almost Christ-like figure. While we believe in his ability to do good, we know it’s only a matter of time before his past catches up with him. 



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