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We are delighted to host an advance screening of Britt-Marie var her, the new film from director Tuva Novotny. We look forward to sharing this uplifting, enthusiastic and humorous tale of a woman's path towards independence with our audience, on the international women's day, March 8th.


Britt-Marie is 63 years old. She has, through her marriage of 40 years, been the one to take care of things around the house, while her husband has been taking care of business. When she one day discovers the truth behind her husbands «business», she leaves him and finds herself alone. She is for the very first time looking for a job, which is hard enough in itself but even harder because of the economy, but after a challenging process she finally finds work in a little town called Borg. Her new job is to coach the town’s soccer-team, a sport she knows very little about and really doesn’t even like. Her new life is filled with challenges, new acquaintances and a good amount of humour.


Britt-Marie var her is based on the book by Fredrik Backman, who is also the man behind the success En mann ved navn Ove. Director Tuva Novotny is one of scandinavia’s most renowned actors. She has, over the last couple of years, made herself known as a competent director, and was this past fall praised for her feature film director debut Blindsone.





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