A Ciambra

With a grim look and a cigarette in his mouth, fourteen year old Pio Amato tries to convince his family that he’s old enough to be given more responsibility. When his father Rocco and his big brother Cosimo – both experienced conmen and Pios role models – gets incarcerated after stealing electricity, Pio announces himself as new head of the family. At the same time, he meets the young Ayiva from Burkino Faso, and Pio’s life takes an interesting turn. A Ciambra portrays the life of Roma and African immigrants in Giola Tauro at the peak of the Italian boot, where they do everything they can to survive in a society that looks upon them with suspicion and disgust. The Italians treat the Roma bad, and the Roma treat the North-African immigrants just as bad. This unofficial sequel to the critically appraised Mediterranea (2015) offers a closer look at a community that is underrepresented in film, and makes a credible portrait of a boy growing up faster than he should.



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nei, takk