A Bug's Life

Kjøp billett

NOTE: We are screening the Norwegian dubbed version.

A Bug’s Life
is the second computer-animated film made by Disney Pixar, and introduces us to a hard working colony of ants that every year is forced to harvest food for an angry mob of grasshoppers. One day, a somewhat clumsy but inventive ant named Flik knocks the food over by accident so that it falls in the river and disappears in the stream. All though none of the other ants in the colony believes he can succeed, Flik leaves Ant Island to find someone that can help the poor ants defeat the tyrannic grasshoppers. Flik hires what he believes to be a group of warrior insects which is really a circus troop. Will Flik and his new friends manage to save the ant colony from the evil grasshoppers before it is too late?

A Bug’s Life is directed by John Lasseter, a pioneer within computer animation. Lasseter has been awarded an Oscar twice – once for Toy Story (1995), which was the first feature length computer-animated film ever made.



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