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Kosmorama offers accreditation for the film industry at favourable prices. Included in the industry accreditation is access to all regular film screenings and exclusive priority access to film industry events and special events. In addition to full entry to the festival program, we offer a full day of pitch awards, Mid-Norway’s film market, and the Kanonprisen Award show. Please note that events and some special screenings are not included in the industry accreditation.

For questions, please contact

Information about industry accreditation for Kosmorama 2022 will be made available closer to the festival.

New Directors Award

New Directors Award is the competition program of Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival. The competition is dedicated to new and promising film directors. Any film that is first, sophomore or third feature from a director is eligible for the prize, and the competition program is curated by the program council of Kosmorama. The program shall consist of films that show potential and talent in directing. We believe this is where some of tomorrow’s most significant directors will be displayed. A jury consisting of three professional jury members will consider the films and pronounce a winner during the festival.

The films in the New Directors section is also eligible for Kosmorama audience award, which is voted forward by the members of the audience directly after the screenings and throughout the festival.

Kanon Awards

The Kanon Awards is the Norwegian film industry’s celebration of the best contributions to Norwegian film from the year that has passed. Members of the industry unions and organizations vote for and name a winner among their peers. The categories in which contributors participate for a Kanon Award are director, producer, writer, cinematographer, editor, sound designer, production designer, composer and actors.

Midtnorsk filmmarked

The Mid-Norway Film Market is the most important arena for everyone who wish to become acquainted with the mid-norwegian film industry. Film makers, audience, press, politicians, students and business representatives all get together to explore different subjects related to the film industry of the region.

Mid-Norway Film Market is arranged by Midtnorsk Filmsenter and Filminvest in collaboration with Kosmorama. More information on the market for 2022 will be available closer to the festival.

Maren Terese Forsbakk Maren Forsbakk pitchekonk 013

From Mid-Norway Film Market 2020. Photo by: Maren Terese Forsbakk

Film submissions

Would you like to have your film considered for Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival? We are now open for submissions from filmmakers from all over the world. We accept submissions of feature length films. All submissions will be evaluated by the festival’s program council, who decides which titles will be selected for the upcoming edition.

Please check back at a later time for information about submissions to Kosmorama 2022.