Festival quick guide

What is Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival?
Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival is a 7 day festival in Trondheim, Norway. We screen about 80 films from around the world. In addition to the screenings, there will also be a film quiz, parties, seminars, Work in Progress, and more.

When do you publish the program?
We publish the full festival program usually in the middle of february. Follow updates on our webpages and the full program will be released on the program pages.

How can I participate?
The easiest way is to find a film in the program you want to see and then buy a ticket either here on our website or at the ticket counters or the website of Trondheim Kino. Just like a regular movie at the cinema. If you wish to watch several movies, or you are a member of a group who wants to go together, it might be better to buy ticket vouchers. Ticket vouchers will give you a discount. Our most enthusiastic audience members can join Kosmoklubben and get free entrance to all ordinary screenings.

How do I buy tickets?
You can buy tickets here on our website, on Trondheim Kino’s website, the ticket machines at Trondheim Kino or the ticket counters at Prinsen Cinema, and at the Trondheim Torg Shopping Center.

What are rush tickets?
Even if a show is sold out there may be tickets available! If there are vacant seats on a screening, we sell extra tickets just before the movie starts. These tickets are what we call “rush tickets”. To obtain such a ticket you must go to the ticket office/information desk in the kiosk at Prinsen.

What is a JIP-screening?
JIP stands for Jury / Industry / Press. These screenings are open to participants with press accreditations, industry accreditations or other forms of accreditation. They are unfortunately not open to the public with regular tickets.

What is a Daytime Pass?
A daytime pass is an affordable way to see a lot of movies. With this pass you can see all the movies that start before 5 p.m.every week day of the festival. Not just one day, but every week day! If you can go to the movies during the daytime, but only watch one or two in the evening, then a daytime pass combined with single tickets might be a good solution for you.

How do I meet other festival participants?
Prinsen cinema is the natural place to meet and there will be festival hang out announced every year

What is a Work in Progress?
During the festival, we have many filmmakers who want to present their new projects. They will show exclusive clips from what they are working on and tell stories about how things are made and what is going on behind the scenes. If you have questions, go ahead! Our Work-in-Progress events are free and open to everyone.


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