Program guests at Kosmorama 2020

During Kosmorama 2020, a number of directors and other contributors from the film program will be present to meet the audience. At the screenings where program guests are presents, there’ll be introductions or Q&As where you’ll get the chance to ask questions.

An Oscar-winning director presents his newest film

Director Konstantínos Gavras, known as Costa-Gavras, and producer Michele Ray-Gavras will be present during the screening of their newest film Adults in the Room. Costa-Gavras is known for films blending entertainment and politics and has won a number of awards, including the Cannes Palme d’Or in 1982 for the film Missing (1982). Ray-Gavras is the producer of films such as Cemetary Man (1994) and Amen (2002). 

Costa-Gavras and Ray-Gavras will be present at the premiere screening of Adults in the Room Tuesday at 6 pm. Find your tickets here!

Adults in the Room is in English and Greek, with English subtitles.

Costa-Gavras will also stop by the Cinematheque to present his debut film The Sleeping Car Murders (1965) Tuesday at 4 pm. Seats are limited. Secure your tickets now. Be sure to check out the rest of the films in our Costa-Gavras retrospect on the program pages of our website.

The Sleeping Car Murders is in French, with English subtitles.

The Czech Republic’s Oscar submission comes to Kosmorama 

Director Václav Marhoul will present his newest film The Painted Bird, which was shortlisted for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film. Marhoul has had a successful career as a screenwriter, producer and actor. As a director, he’s known for Tobruk (2008) and Smart Filip (2003), among others. 

Marhoul will be present to participate in a Q&A after the screenings on Monday at 6 pm and on Tuesday at 2 pm. Tickets for the screening on Monday are available here, and tickets for the screening on Tuesday are available here.

The Painted Bird is in Interslavic, with English subtitles.

Actor, director and producer from the Danish film Uncle 

The Danish film Uncle is a part of Kosmorama’s competition program. The film portrays the story of 27-year-old Kris, who lives on a farm in Southern Jutland. As well as caring for her uncle after he’s had a stroke, she also has to look after the farm. Their daily routines are disrupted when Kris discovers life outside of the farm. The film has become a huge success in Denmark, receiving a number of positive reviews.

Director Frelle Petersen, lead actress Jette Søndergård and producer Marco Lorenzen will be present at the screenings on Wednesday at 2:30 pm and on Thursday at 9 pm to introduce the film and participate in Q&As. Tickets for the screening on Wednesday are available here, and tickets for the screening on Thursday are available here.

Uncle is in Danish, with English subitiles.

Vibeke Løkkeberg 75 years

Vibeke Løkkeberg is one of the most well-known figures within Norwegian filmmaking since the end of the 1960s, both as an actor and director. Several of her films portray female experiences and shed light on the darker aspects of the nuclear family.

This year, Kosmorama will be screening two of her most renowned films, Kamilla (1981) and Tears of Gaza (2010). Løkkeberg will be present to introduce the screening of Tears of Gaza on Saturday at 4 pm. Find your tickets here.

After the screening of Kamilla on Sunday at 5 pm, Løkkeberg will participate in a Q&A. Find your tickets for Kamilla here.

Kamilla is in Norwegian, with no subtitles. Tears of Gaza features English and Arabic dialogue, with Norwegian subtitles.

Presents a new adaptation of Tarjei Vesaas’ The Birds

Screenwriter Hilde Susan Jægtnes will be present at the screening of the new Norwegian feature The Birds, based on the novel by the Norwegian novelist Tarjei Vesaas. Both Jægtnes has written scripts for several critically acclaimed Norwegian TV series. 

Jægtnes will be present at the screening of the film on Friday at 6 pm. There’ll be a Q&A after the screening. Find your tickets here!

The film is in Norwegian, with English subtitles.

Documentary filmmaker Tonje Hessen Schei will be present

Director Tonje Hessen Schei’s new documentary iHuman has been screened at a number of film festivals, including IDFA and Tromsø International Film Festival. Prior to iHuman, Hessen Schei has directed the critically acclaimed documentary Drone (2016), Play Again (2010) and Independent Intervention (2006), all of which depict the relationship between humans and technology.

Hessen Schei will be present at the screening of iHuman on Wednesday at 6 pm. After the screening, Hessen Schei and associate professor at NTNU Arild Brandrud Næss will discuss artificial intelligence. Find your tickets here.

The film is in English and Chinese, with English subtitles.

Daniel with program guest

Producer Gudny Hummelvoll will be present at the screening of Daniel on Monday at 6 pm. Hummelvoll has over 20 years experience from the Norwegian film and TV industry.

Daniel is based on the true story of the Danish director Daniel Rye, who was taken captive by IS in Syria. Rye travelled to Syria to document the war but was kidnapped and held hostage for 398 days. Find tickets for the screening on Monday at 6 pm here!

The film is in Danish, English and Arabic, with English subtitles.

Into the Darkness: Danish and local guests

Parts of the Danish feature Into the Darkness is shot in Trondheim, and our friends from the local production company Spætt will be present to tell us about the shooting process in Trondheim. In addition, we’re happy to announce that director Anders Refn will be visiting from Denmark. Refn is perhaps best-known for his work as an editor on the Norwegian films Antichrist (2009) and Max Manus (2008).

Find tickets for the viewing on Saturday at 6 pm here!

The film is in Danish, with Norwegian subtitles

Local filmmakers at Kosmorama

Filmmaker Audun Amundsen presents his documentary Newtopia, which depicts his meeting with the Mentawai-people in Indonesia. Amundsen will be present at the screening on Wednesday at 9:30 pm. Find your tickets here!

The film is in English, Indonesian and Mentawai, with English subtitles.

Audun Kvitland Røstad is a sound designer for Ambolt Audio in Trondheim. At Kosmorama, he’ll be presnting his documentary Nasi Padang, which tells the story of how he became an internet phenomenon and national celebrity in Indonesia after uploading a song celebrating the traditional dish nasi padang on Youtube. Røstad will be present at the screening of Nasi Padang on Wednesday at 5 pm. Find your tickets here!

The film is in Indonesian and Norwegian, with English subtitles.

Filmprodusent Dag Hoel is the producer behind Trondheimsreisen and the three-part series Trondheim on Film, where part 2 will be having its premiere at Kosmorama 2020. Hoel will participate at the screening of Trondheim on Film Part 2 on Tuesday at 4 pm (tickets) and on Thursday at 6 pm (tickets). 

The film is in Norwegian, with no subtitles.


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