Movie screening in the Church of Our Lady: Amazing Grace

Kosmorama, in collaboration with the Church City Mission (Kirkens Bymisjon), has the pleasure of inviting the inhabitants of Trondheim to a screening of the outstanding concert film Amazing Grace (2018) in the Church of Our Lady (Vår Frue kirke). The event will take place during Kosmorama 2020 on Monday the 2nd of March at 5 pm and has free admission.
In 1972, Aretha Franklin released the incredible successful gospel album Amazing Grace. A camera team led by director Sydney Pollack filmed the live recording at New Tempel Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles. However, the film project was delayed due to technical issues, as they struggled to synchronize sound and pictures.

Producer Alan Elliot bought the material from Warner Brothers in 2007, and soundman Serge Perron solved the previous sync issues before Jeff Buchanan did the final editing. However, Aretha Franklin didn’t want the film to be released, for reasons unknown. It was only after her death last year that her family made an agreement with the producer to release the film.

Amazing Grace is definitely worth the wait: It captures the then 29-year-old Aretha Franklin, during her golden age, in a personal and elegant manner. The slightly rough camera work really helps to reinforce the raw, authentic power and nerve that lies in the movie’s musical content. You get a feeling of being present in the room and witnessing one of the greatest highlights in gospel history.

The viewing is introduced by museum educator Sigmund Vegge from Rockheim National Museum of Popular Museum. He’ll talk about the importance of Aretha Franklin’s music and the recording of these two concerts especially, which remains the best-selling gospel record of all time.



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