Films to watch on indoor days

Everyday-life is different these days, and it’s important to find ways to fill your indoor days with meaning. Norwegian cinemas are closed at the moment, but luckily that doesn’t mean that good film experiences are out of reach. Hoping that we might be able to make these trying days a little better, we’ve compiled a list of previous Kosmorama films available on different streaming services.


Kosmorama films

Eighth Grade on Viaplay: Finally! One of our absolute favourites from Kosmorama 2019 is now available on Viaplay. The film never got Norwegian cinema distribution, so we hope you’ll get to see it on Viaplay, as this really is a film worth watching. Eighth Grade was part of the New Directors Award program during last year’s festival and won both the jury prize and the audience award.

Lords of Chaos on Viaplay: A fictionalised tale concerning the dark story behind Norwegian black metal – including church burnings, murder, satanism and all the rest of it. Lords of Chaos is brutal and not without controversy. The film was screened during Kosmorama 2019.

On the Basis of Sex on Viaplay: A drama about the legendary Ruth Bader Ginsburg, supreme court judge and equal rights advocate. On the Basis of Sex was the closing film at Kosmorama 2019. We also screened the documentary about Ginsburg, RBG, the same year.

Blindspotting on Netflix: Blindspotting was one of our best finds last year. A hard-hitting, spot-on commentary on class and race set in Oakland, USA. Intriguing artistic devices are used to shed light on problems, for example, sequences of rap are utilised to break up the realistic representation. The film was screened during Kosmorama 2019, and we recommend watching it over and over again.

Sami Blood on Netflix: The film had its Norwegian premiere at Kosmorama in 2017, and has since then come to receive worldwide attention. And not without reason: this is one of the best Nordic films we’ve seen in the last couple of years. Director Amanda Kernell’s second film Charter was just released and opened Kosmorama 2020.

The Death of Stalin on Netflix: Satirical drama-comedy about power struggle and political intrigues after the death of Josef Stalin. The film was screened at Komsorama 2018.

Loving Vincent on Netflix: Innovative and visually stunning animated film about the life of the painter Vincent van Gogh. The film was screened at Kosmorama 2018.

Minding the Gap on NRK: Award-winning documentary screened at Kosmorama in 2019. The film follows a group of friends growing up in difficult circumstances in the post-industrial city Rockford, Illinois. Skating is their way to escape the harsh reality.

Grace Jones – Bloodlight and Bami on NRK: Director Sophie Fiennes visited Kosmorama in 2018 with this biographical documentary about the legendary performer and fashion icon Grace Jones.

… also, we want to tip you off that the documentary iHuman, which became one of the most-seen films during this year’s festival, has gone straight to video on demand. The film may thus be purchased or rented at Altibox, Get or Telenor Norway already now. The documentary sheds light on the relationship between humans and technology and is so compelling that we’re tempted to say it’s compulsory to watch! 


other things to check out:

Films that haven’t screened at Kosmorama, but are still worth checking out. Here are some films we’ve been looking forward to watching again since we last saw them in cinemas, films that never screened at Norwegian cinemas, or films simply not to be missed in general.

Booksmart (Viaplay), In the Fade (HBO), American Factory (Netflix), Leave no Trace (Viaplay), The House That Jack Built (Viaplay), The Favourite (Viaplay), Deeyah Khan: I møte med fienden (White Right: Meeting the Enemy) (NRK), Capernaum (Viaplay), Mandy (Netflix).

Another excellent tip for indoor days is the streaming service Mubi. Mubi features quality films that are available for 30 days, with one new film released every day. With a focus on classic films and renowned directors from all over the world, you should be able to find something you like here.

Take care of each other and be safe, wash your hands, stay indoors and enjoy a good film!



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