Festival food at Kosmorama

Time flies when you’re at a film festival! With so many screenings and events to attend, it’s important to remember to fill up! Cafe Ni Muser will be serving food and drink in the festival café in the foyer at Prinsen Cinema Center. We also collaborate with a couple of restaurants around town, where hungry festival attendees holding a festival pass may enjoy reduced prices on food.

The Festival Café at Prinsen Cinema Center

During this year’s festival, we’ve teamed up with the re-use concept Brukom to transform parts of the foyer at Prinsen Cinema to a café where you can enjoy food and drinks before, between and after the screenings. The festival café is run by Cafe Ni Muser and is open between 12 pm to 10 pm every day during the festival week.

The festival café is the perfect place to meet up and plan which films to see, discuss your experiences and take a break. Among other things, is a buffet including a soup of the day, salad and bread available to buy for NOK 90.

In addition, it’ll be possible to buy drinks for screenings at the Prinsen cinema auditorium 2 from Thursday to Sunday from 6 pm. You buy vouchers for drinks at the café, bring the voucher with you to auditorium 2 where you’ll receive the drinks.

As an alternative to the festival café, we recommend Cafe Ni Muser’s premises just across the street from Prinsen Cinema. Here you can enjoy a wide selection of food and drink in a more relaxed atmosphere every day during the festival.

Festival café opening hours: 

Monday to Sunday from 12 pm to 10 pm.

You can get discounts with your festival pass at the following restaurants:

If holding a festival pass, a 15 per cent discount is available at the following eateries:

Alma’s bar og kjøkken

Alma’s serves lunch and dinner, as well as small meals. On the menu you will find flavour bombs such as pepper steak, hamburger with jalapenos and green curry fish soup. Alma’s is located in Kongens gate, just a 5-minute walk from Prinsen Cinema.

View the menu here.

Kalas & Canasta

At Kalas, you can buy lunch and dinner made from locally sourced ingredients. Kalas is located at Bakklandet, just a 10-minute walk from Prinsen Cinema.

View the menu here.


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