Screening at the Cinematheque: High Life

Together with the Cinematheque in Trondheim, we are screening Claire Denis’ High Life at the cinematheque venue Thursda 14th November at 20.00.   samarbeid med Cinemateket Trondheim viser vi regissør Claire Denis’ High Life i Cinematekets lokaler torsdag 14. november klokken 20.00. Tickets can be found here!

At this screening, the audience will get an exclusive sneak peak at Kosmorama 2020, as we will reveal the first program section for next year’s festival.



Om filmen:

Claire Denis’ newest is a science fiction mystery with Robert Pattinson og Juliette Binoche in leading roles.

Death sentences criminals are sent into space on a challenging mission. The goal is to find an alternativ energy source and to participate in an experiment related to human reproduction. The dominant and sensual Dr. Dibs runs the crew with a steel grip – always dressed in black gloves and with a syringe within reach.

In the beginning of the film, we meet Monte (Pattinson) in solitude at the space ship. Here, he is – voluntarily or not – taking care of a young child. After that, we leap back in time to learn how Monte ended up as the only remaining crew on the eerie space ship.


High Life will also be screening at the Cinematheque on Friday 15th November at 18.00 and Wednesday 20. November at 20.00.  


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