New Directors Award 2019

New Directors is the competition programme of Kosmorama Trondheim Internation Film Festival. Every year, we have a program series of films from selected directors that we believe in. The criteria for being part of the New Directors programme, is that the director has not made more than three long features.

A jury has selected a winner among the films from the competition programme. This years jury consists of Mari Haugen from Trondheim Cinema, Per Fikse from Minimalen Short Film Festival and associate professor of film studies, Julia Leyda.

We also have a People’s choice award in the New Directors programme. Every person in the audience of one of the films from the New Directors series has had the oppurtunity to deliver a ballot rating the film after a screening.


The jury’s verdict:

The jury has assessed all the films in the New Directors series. For Kosmorama 2019, the series consists of the following titles: Cold November, Cutterhead, Eighth Grade, Her Job, Little Tickles, Lykkelige Lazzaro, Skynd deg sakte, The Chambermaid og The Third Wife.


Special mention #1:


The Chambermaid (La Camarista – Director: Lila Aviles – Mexico)

To a quiet, meditative, and intentionally non-sensational film. The main character is played with modesty, curiosity, and subtle charm, but allows us to glimpse her fatigue and sadness. This is a kind of slow cinema, with stripped down performances, minimal camera work, and undramatic dialogue, but punctuated with brief, powerful moments of depth and intimacy. The hotel guests, bosses, and even coworkers are unimportant; at the center of the film is only our chambermaid’s stolid diligence and methodical dignity. The director has crafted a memorable character study of a woman whose job is to be invisible without aestheticizing or idealizing her as a working-class woman.



Special Mention #2

Happy as Lazzaro (Lazzaro Felice – Director: Alice Rohrwacher – Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany)

To a beautiful, poetic film that plays with placing Dostoevsky’s guileless ‘idiot’ character in a satirical landscape reminiscent to that of Ettore Scola. The film juggles the levels of satire and myth impressively and manages to create a spark of its own in its revelation of the hypocrisy of modern society as the suppressed farm workers who are ‘saved’ by civilization, only end up in a far worse situation than before.



Award winner

Eighth Grade (Director: Bo Burnham – USA)

The jury was entranced by the stand-out performances of this film, distinguished by gentle humor and pathos, and articulated with a visually innovative style. We especially liked that the main character is shown to have a good family situation, and is not bullied by “mean girls”; instead she struggles with her own internalized adolescent insecurities which she presses through the meat grinder of social media’s self-branding protocols. The film strikes a vertiginous balance between her gleeful nerdy optimism and her heartbreaking low self-esteem, but we never stop rooting for her.





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