The winner of the New Directors Award

Kosmorama – Trondheim International Film Festival wishes to congratulate Ben Brand on his film Find This Dumb Little Bitch and Throw Her Into a River as the winner of this year’s New Directors Award.

New Directors is Kosmorama’s competition program. This year, our programming department has nominated 12 films from nine different countries on four different continents. The geographical spread offers diversity and nuance, and together, the films give us a broad perspective on the world today.

This year’s New Directors Award-jury consists of director of Trøndelag theater Elisabeth Egseth Hansen, professor in film science and film director Leiv Igor Devold and literary scholar and author Frode Saugestad.

The jury’s reasoning:

«In this film we meet 15 year old Remco and his two years younger sister Lizzy, two teenagers who dream about fame either in the form of hundreds of thousands of followers online or through winning a song competition on TV. In this way, they both carry the challenges of generation Z of growing up in a world dominated by social media, and at the same time being too young to fathom the consequences of their own actions.

The fate of children is being dealt with in a good way and we see how positions are inherited and how the children have not developed the necessary prerequisites for breaking the patterns and in many ways they are convicted of failure. We are presented a very good team of actors who all appear to be credible in a world without responsible and safe adults to create safe frameworks and be good examples.

Brand has made an innovative film that says something important about the mob mentality when populism and lack of reflection about the choices we make have major consequences. Find This Dumb Little Bitch and Throw Here Into a River is a shocking tale of how social media and the yearning for celebrity status get catastrophic consequences for the ones that are closest to us.».

The jury also wishes to accentuate three of the other films in the New Directors program, that have been part of the conversation all the way to the jury’s final voting.

The Cakemaker  by Israeli Ofir Raul Grazier. A thought-provoking and beautiful depiction of Thomas, traveling from Berlin to Jerusalem seeking the grieving widow of his lover after he dies in an accident. The jury points out the director’s work and ability to make a film that communicates heavily on a sensory level. This stands in great with the historical references.

A Ciambra by Italian Jonas Carpignano. It is a strong portrayal of the life and challenges of a young boy who grows up in a (Gypsy) family in today’s Italy. The transition from child to adult comes soon when his older brother and father end up in jail and he has to support his big family. The jury wishes to point out the good (and painful) interpersonal depictions and the ability to unintentionally show how a young person handles his destiny.

Tigers Are Not Afraid by Mexican Issa Lopez. A sad story about the unnoticed lives of five abandoned children in a daily life painted by the cruel violence of the brutal drug cartels. The film has a high ambition level, which is expressed in its unique association of different genres. It is worth pointing out specifically the use of magical realism. It underlines the Latin American identity of the film, while giving a picture of the desperate escape of children from a reality that is impossible to live in.


The award aims to promote future filmmakers – the new voices of the big global film world that we believe will make their mark in the coming years. In this program, it’s not only the films that have to be good, the directors should also show that they have something special, either as storytellers and / or film artists. The criteria is that they should not have made more than three full-time fiction films.

new directors audience award

The audience also gets to vote for the film they think is the best one of this year’s competition films. Everyone is free to utter their opinion and use the ballot papers that are distributed in advance of all New Directors Award film screenings. We have experienced great commitment and support among the audience who have voted for the winner.

The winner of this year’s New Directors Audience Award is The Cakemaker by director Ofir Raul Graizer.

about the film

Thomas, a young and talented German baker falls for Oren, an Israeli customer who is in Berlin on business. They meet every time Oren’s job leads him to the city, and a romance forms between the two. All of a sudden Oren stops coming to Berlin, he does not answer the phone or respond to text- messages either. In desperation, Thomas travels to Jerusalem, where he discovers that Oren died in an accident. In an effort to get closer to him, Thomas searches his hometown. He finds himself employed at a cafe – run by his deceased lover’s wife.

Director Ofir Raul Graizer was present at Kosmorama to talk about the film and had Q&As with the audience after several of the screenings.

Congratulations to the winner!


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