Changes in the program

Here, you find all changes in the program that happen during the festival. Change of venue, start time or new screenings may occur. We remind you that the program online always will be the most recently updated.

The Workshop, Norwegian subtitles instead of English.

A Season in France 4.00PM Prinsen 6 – CANCELLED

New screening: A Season in France 11.45AM, Prinsen 3.

Kosmorama Goes Kawaii Moved to the venue Kongesalen. New start time: 10.00AM

The Marriage 2.00PM in Kongesalen, moved to Prinsen 3.

Trondheimsreisen 5.00PM in Prinsen 3 has been moved to Prinsen 5

Utøya, 22. juli 6.00PM in Prinsen 2 has been moved to Prinsen 3

Tigers Are Not Afraid 5.00PM in Prinsen 3 has been moved to Prinsen 2

Find This Dumb Little Bitch and Throw Her Into a River 7.30PM in Prinsen 3 has been moved to Prinsen 2

The Workshop, Norwegian subtitles instead of English.

Trondheimsreisen 6.00PM in Kongesalen has been moved to Prinsen 5.

New screening: RocKabul with Q&A with director Travis Beard at 10.15PM in Kongesalen

New screening: Love, Simon 6.00 PM in Prinsen 5.

A Day 7.00PM in Prinsen 6 has been moved to 10PM

BPM 9.00PM in Prinsen 6 has been moved to 6.50PM


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