Everything you need to know about Kosmorama

What is Kosmorama?

Kosmorama Trondheim international film festival is the largest film festival in Central-Norway. The festival is held anually in week 10, and this year it will be at Prinsen Cinema Centre. Monday through Sunday, we offer a diverse selection of films from both Norway and many other countries. Our goal is to give our audience film, festivities and other wonderful experiences.

More than just film

Kosmorama is a lot more than film screenings. We want to pay tribute to our audience, as well as our films, and seek to create that special festival feeling. We therefore offer  numerous special screenings, for instance culinary cinema, where you can combine a cinematic experience with a gastronomical experience. Many of our screenings are also opened by the films director, sharing some thoughts one the process and the end product. More than this, the festival programme consists of lectures, panel boards and Q&A’s with people from the industry. In this way, we hope that we can give our audience new knowledge as well as cultural experiences.

During the week of the festival, Prinsen Cinema Centre will be our festival area. There will be food and drinks for sale, and there are many options for those who wish to spend some time in this area in between screenings.

This picture is from when we showed Singing in the Rain outdoor in 2016.

Kosmorama is for everyone

Whether you want to spend the entire week in the cinema or just want to see one film: Kosmorama has something for everyone!

Our programme consists of everything from big, international films to exciting documentaries and dramas from all over the world. Coming to the festival means you can discover new treasures, but also get reunited with good, old classics. What’s special with film festivals, is that you get to see films that often don’t come to the cinemas. We also have previews so that you can be among the first to see the films «everyone» is waiting for.

You don’t need a festival pass to visit Kosmorama

We also offer other options than festival passes. You can purchase single tickets for  the films you want to see, or you can but a multi buy discount ticket card giving you five screenings at the prize of four.

Festival passes for Kosmorama 2018 can be purchased HERE for 1195 NOK. The festival pass gives you access to all ordinary screenings during the festival. Some special events are not included in the ticket, but we will be sure to inform you about which events these are. You can get your festival ticket in the information centre at Prinsen Cinema Centre during the week before the festival. The opening hours of the information centre can be found HERE. Remember, you will need to pick up tickets for every single screening you want to see as well. Do this in the ticket office at Prinsen Cinema Centre, or online (more information about this will come later). For students, the festival ticket costs 795 NOK. Also remember that the festival passes are personal and can only be used by one person.

You can also purchase multi buy discount tickets for the festival. They cost 440 NOK and gives access to five screenings at the prize of four. You can chose to go to any of the ordinary screenings during the festival. The multi buy discount tickets are available in the concession stand at Prinsen Cinema Centre.

We also sell single tickets for the festival’s screenings. They can be bought through our website, and will also be available at Trondheim Cinema’s sites when the festival programme is released. The single tickets cost 110 per ticket.

For the family programme, Kosmokids, we also have the «Adressa ticket». The prize for this ticket is 150 NOK for one adult plus one child under 15 years.

We can help YOU find YOUR FAVOURITES

We split our programme into several descriptive categories, so that you can get a better overview of it and discover the films that interests you the most. As the festival is getting closer, we will share recommendations and suggestions that can make it easier to maneuver through the week. Other than that, we of course recommend that you try to see as many films as possible!


This is what you need to do to become audience

Kosmorama is set to week 10, and will be located at Prinsen Cinema Centre in Trondheim. All you need to do to attend is buy a ticket!

If you buy a festival pass, you get access to almost all screenings throughout the week. All you need to do when you have you festival pass, is pick up tickets for the films you want to see at Prinsen Cinema Centre. You can also order the tickets for the single screenings online (more information will come later).

What can you do if the screenings are sold out?

If you want to attend a screening that is sold out, you might just be able to after all. When people do not show up at the announced time before the screening, their tickets will be made available as «rush tickets». This means that some tickets might become available for new audiences right before the screening starts. These tickets can be found in the ticket centre in the concession stand at Prinsen Cinema Centre.

Kosmokids: For families and children

We have a custom made program for families with children, and for others that would like to be reconciled with childhood heroes or discover the wonders of children’s films: Kosmokids. The theme for Kosmokids 2018 is «The dinosaurs are coming», and we will be showing animated films such as The Land Before Time (1988) and Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009). We also get a visit from the Book Bus, and paleontologist Jørn Harald Hurum pays a visit to teach us more about dinosaurs!

For Kosmokids, you may purchase the «Adressa Ticket». It costs 150 NOK and counts for one adult plus a child up to age 15.

This year, we also have a cooperation with NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet. We will show the film Night at the Museum (2006) and give the children the opportunity to discover the many exhibitions in the museum with the lights out. More information about this event can be found HERE.

An international film festival

Kosmorama wants to bring our audience a little piece of the world. Tenfolds of nationalities are represented in our programme. This diversity is important to us, while we also make sure that we bring you some of the best from the region and the rest of Norway as well.

We also facilitate for an international audience. Most of our films have either subtitles or audio in English. More information about this will be given for each screening.

Working for Kosmorama

If you would like to volunteer at Kosmorama film festival, we are currently looking for new members to our Kosmocrew. We have a variety of tasks ready for you, such as production, marketing and guest host. This will give you the opportunity to attend our volunteer party, see as much film as you want during the festival week, and meet other film enthusiasts.

The deadline for applying is 1st February. More information can be found HERE.

Do you have any further questions? Please don’t hesitate contacting us on our Facebook-page or at mail@kosmorama.no!


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