Kosmokids 2018!

This year’s Kosmokids is dedicated to all dinosaur-enthusiasts.

Saturday March 10th at 11 am, Kosmokids 2018 will officially open with breakfast for the children and fun activities. The cinema becomes new dinosaur-territory. Make your own dinosaur with recycled materials at the Dinosaur-workshop and design buttons at Trondheim Kunstmuseum’s button-workshop. You can also visit the book-bus for loud readings of exciting dinosaur-books.

Jørn Harald Hurum is visiting to talk about dinosaurs. Hurum is a paleontologist at the University in Oslo, and has written several books on the subject. He will be at Kosmokids to talk about dinosaurs on film and dinosaurs in reality: The dinosaurs in films are often portrayed as animals who always fought. Did they do that? What do the scientists know about their lives? Is there any accuracy in the dinosaur-films or is it all just fantasy?

Our film-program holds thrilling stories about prehistoric time and happy reminders of our favourite dinosaurs, in addition to a special preview of a brand new film. We present the program for Kosmokids 2018!


The Land Before Time (1988)
Littlefoot is a anthropomorphic apatosaurus, or longneck, as the other dinosaurs call him. He must travel to the lush plains of the Great Valley with his family, to escape a horrible drought that has taken over the land. The journey proves difficult when the carnivorous dinosaur Sharptooth and an earthquake separates Littlefoot from his family. Luckily he meets someone who joins him on a magical adventure to the Great Valley, filled with danger, but also friendship!

Recommended age rating: 6 y/o
Language: Norwegian
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Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs(2009)
The mammoths Manny og Ellie are having a baby, which creates a divide in the unique family consisting of them, Sid the sloth, Diego the sabre-toothed tiger and the opossoms Crash and Eddie. Sid also wants to be a parent, and jumps at the chance when he finds three eggs seemingly left behind. The eggs turn out to belong to a dinosaur, and the gang must sett their differences aside to save Sid from the angry dinosaur-mother, in a hidden valley filled with dinosaurs and a very special weasel named Buck.

Recommended age rating: 7 y/o
Language: Norwegian
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Walking With Dinosaur(2013)
Ricky og Jade are in Alaska, visiting their uncle Zack, who is a paleontologist. Ricky thinks dinosaurs are lame, until he meets a talking crow; Alex who takes Ricky back 70 million years. We are there introduced to Patchi the dinosaur, a pachyrhinosaurus who is migrating with his family, and join him on an adventure filled with love and dangerous, carnivorous dinosaurs! Jørn Harald Hurum has done the fact-voiceover in the film, and will be present before saturday’s screening of the film to talk about dinosaurs.

Recommended age rating: 7 y/o
Language: Norwegian
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Big Bad Fox (2017)
The film consists of three magnificent stories, where we get to know a quite special group of animals, who aren’t exactly how you may believe they are. In the first story, we meet a lazy stork who, in an attempt to slack off, gives a baby to a rabbit, a pig and a duck. Story number two is about the big bad fox who, on a hunt for food, finds some eggs, and ends up as a caring mother hen. In the last story, the gang tries to replace Santa Claus.


Recommended age rating: Everyone allowed
Language: Norwegian
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We are looking forward to a weekend filled with exciting film and fun activities, and hope to see all dinosaur-enthusiasts during Kosmokids 2018. Mark your calendar with March 10.-11. and bring your family and friends on a journey back in time. The dinosaurs are coming!


11:00 Official opening of Kosmokids
12:00 Walking With Dinosaurs
12:00 The Land Before Time
14:00 Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
14:00 Big Bad Fox

12:00 Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
12:00 Big Bad Fox
14:00 The Land Before Time
14:00 Walking With Dinosaurs


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