Trondheim-film to Kosmorama 2018

It’s no secret that Kosmorama loves the culture, film and the people of Trondheim. Our hometown lies close to Kosmorama’s heart, and we are very proud to present Trondheim – En filmreise as a part of the program for the festival in 2018.

The film is a historical documentary produced by DHF and Spætt Film, that looks at Trondheim’s development from the beginning of the nineteen hundreds to 1980. The film is based exclusively on films from archives, with the oldest one dating back to 1906. In addition to the National Library of Norway’s archives, the project also obtained some of it’s material from the citizens of Trondheim in the form of private film-clips that reflect the life in Trondheim as it used to be. This way, the film can be seen as a common project between the filmmakers and the citizens of Trondheim, on telling the different stories the city has housed through a decade, and that has shaped it to be what it is today.

The sound-side of the film, on the other hand, is brand new. There has been composed new music for the documentary, and we get to hear familiar and unfamiliar voices tell us about the history of the city, and life in Trondheim through the years. Trondheim – En filmreise is an homage to the city and a gift to the Trondheim-region – we are thrilled to present it at Kosmorama in 2018!


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