Blood and gore at Ramaskrik!

(WARNING: 18+, text and trailer refers to: blood, violence and nudity)

Ramaskrik is a high-class horror film festival and is arranged each year at Oppdal Kulturhus. The festival serves both grief and horror for all who dare. To give you a little taste of what Ramaskrik is all about, we will present who films that will shown under the festival: Mayhem (2017) by Joe Lynch and Kodoku: Meatball Machine (2017) by Yoshihiro Nishimura.


The film starts out with the lawyer Derek Cho who loses his job after being fooled by a colleague. Irritated and determined to get justice, Derek plans to go to the boss’s office, but runs in to a few problems. A virus called ID7 has begun spreading the offices which sends it in a complete lockdown with an 8-hour countdown. Derek decides to take justice in to his own hands and therefore goes on a killing spree! Derek Cho is played by Steven Yeun known from The Walking Dead TV series and accompanied by the rat Melanie Cross played by Samara Weaving.


The film is a long-awaited sequel to the internationally renowned sci-fi action movie Meatball Machine (2005) by Yudai Yamaguchi and Jun’ichi Yamamoto.

Director Nishimura, known for his slapstick gore, spent a total of 4 tons of blood during the shoot. This puts a certain indicator of what kind of bloody horror the movie has in store for the audience. It has biomechanical war machines, aliens, blood, nipples that can shoot, samurai cops and last but not least, character development! There will be no boring moments to say the least, so just be prepared for a classic gore story on Ramaskrik!

Ramaskrik 19-22 October 2017

For more information, check out the Ramaskrik website:


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