Gourmet Cinema: NOMA – My Perfect Storm


Welcome to a gourmet “Cine and dine” experience with Kosmorama.

This year, we have selected two documentaries we wish to offer our audience together with a unique dining experience. You may choose between a meal inspired by the nordic cuisine after the screening of NOMA – My Perfect Storm, or you can participate in an extended screening of In Defense of Food, with food talk and dining. The event will be held in English.

NOMA – My Perfect Storm is a creative journey into the mind of René Redzepi, recognised as one of the world’s leading chefs. His restaurant NOMA in Copenhagen, Denmark, has been ranked as the Best Restaurant in the World four times in a row (2010-2014). Redzepi is said to have revolutionised nordic cuisine with new and original courses based on nordic flora. NOMA is derived from the Danish words ‘nordisk’ (Nordic) and ‘mad’ (food). The movie provides an insight into the universe of Redzepi, his extraordinary work and the key to his success – even in the aftermath of having been accused of food poisoning his guests.


Culinary Cinema: NOMA – My Perfect Storm + Credo/Jossa

After the film, you can enjoy a meal at Jossa or at Credo in Ørjaveita 4. Where local ingredients will be a central part of the menue. Credo offers a more varied menu whereas at Jossa on the 1st floor you can experience a more rustic alternative. The ticket is included in the price. Drinks are not included.

Price (pr person): 

530 ,-*

 Jossa mat og drikke


950 ,-*



*The film is included in the price, drinks are additional

Practical information: The film starts at 18.00 at Nova. After the film (approx 19.38) we continue to Credo or Jossa in Ørjaveita 4 (the walk there takes about 10 minutes). On presenting your ticket you will be guided to your table. The ticket will state whether you have reserved a table at Jossa or at Credo. Jossa is located on the 1st floor and Credo is located on the ground floor of the building. The info desk at Nova will be at your assistance if needed. If you have other questions, please call us on 452 24 552.


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