Gourmet Cinema: In Defense of Food


Welcome to a gourmet “Cine and Dine” experience with the screening of  “In Defense of Food”!

Together with Credo, we are pleased to welcome you to a special screening of the documentary “In Defense of Food”, putting Michael Pollans quote “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants” on our agenda. After the screening we will dive into Kosmoramas Foodtalk, where we will be discussing biodynamic diversity and quality food with the director of the film Michael Schwarz, the head chef at Credo Heidi Bjerkan, plant expert Stephen Barstow and Carl Erik Nielsen Østlund, the owner of the biodynamic/agro organic full circle farm.

Food will be served in the great hall after the screening event and the event will be held in English.

About the film: 

In Defense of Food Eat food. Not too much. Mostly Plants. With this maxim, we wish to get to the bottom of the most confusing and pressing questions of our time: What should I eat to be healthy? The American journalist Michael Pollan travels around the world to investigate and provide answers to the daily cross-fire in the media with contradictory claims on nutrition!


We are delighted to welcome you to a special screening where we will be putting local diversity and quality food on the menu. After the screening we serve some of the best food the season has to offer. Dining will be in the grand hall after the screening.

THURSDAY MARCH 9th at 16.00  

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Michael Schwarz, American producer and director, is the president of the production company Kikim Media, has won three Emmy-awards and several awards for his journalistic work. Previous projects include: “The Botany of Desire”, “Capturing Grace”, “Extreme by Design”, “My Father, My Brother and Me “and “Hunting the Hidden Dimension”.

Stephen Barstow is an internationally aknowledged expert on edible plants, author, coordinator of a plant club for vegetables, potatos and herbs. He grows approximately 2000 vegetables in is own garden in Malvik.

Heidi Bjerkan is a chef at Credo. She was awarded the Head Chef of the year in 2015. Credo has been awarded Restaurant of the year in Trondheim 13 times in a row, and ranks as Norway’s fourth best restaurant in the “White Guide Nordic”.

Carl Erik Nielsen Østlund runs the biodynamic/agro organic full circle farm Skjølberg Søndre. The farm has for several years delivered food to Credo and is run as a modern, responsible and varied farming. The farm works especially as a sustainable and an advanced model for restaurants in collaboration with Credo.


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