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Festival Hotel

Scandic Nidelven Hotel is one of Trondheim’s largest and most modern hotels. The hotel is recognized by the magazine Horeca to have Norway’s best hotel cuisine and has become nationally known for serving the best breakfast in the country.

Scandic Nidelven Hotel is one of Trondheim’s largest and most modern hotels. The hotel has been acknowledged by the magazine Horeca for having the best hotel cuisine in Norway and has become nationally known for serving the best breakfast in the country.

In addition to having won the prize for the best hotel breakfast in Norway for seven consecutive years, the hotel has had one or more finalists in the Norwegian championship final in the art of cooking every year since it opened in 2003. The 12 best chefs from the country’s finest restaurants and culinary institutes are fighting to become the Norwegian champion.

Scandic Nidelven Hotel prepares all food from scratch using the finest local products. Whether you start your day with the best breakfast experience, our wonderful lunch buffet, or a 6-course dinner at Restaurant Nidelven, our chefs are ready to delight you and give you a unique culinary experience throughout your stay!

Scandic Nidelven Hotel is ideally located 17 meters out into the Nidelven River, and is situated next to a beautiful flower-adorned bridge over to Solsiden, which is one of Trondheim’s most popular areas, hosting many restaurants and cozy cafés. The hotel is also close to the city center. Sights such as Bakklandet, Gamle Bybro and Nidarosdomen are all within walking distance from the hotel.

  1. Distance to communication:Railwaystation: 300 meters
  2. Værnes Airport: 30 minutes by car
  3. Airport Express Coach: 150 meters
  4. Nova Kinosenter (main festival cinema): 400 meters

Prices for hotel room during the festival:

  1. Single: NOK 1520
  2. Double: NOK 1720
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