Kosmorama 2005

  1. Opening Film: Factotum (Bent Hamer, 2005)
  2. Special arrangements: Film in Pirbadet
    1. The Party
      Drive in cinema
    2. Cursed
      Silent film concert
    3. We’s music to the film Körkarlen
      Outdoor screening at Nedre Elvehavn
    4. Lightning in a bottle


Films in the Kosmorama Award
  1. Andejakt
  2. Crimen ferpecto
  3. Days and hours
  4. Factotum
  5. Imaginary Heroes
  6. Kung Fu Hustle
  7. My Summer of love
  8. Oldboy
  9. Private
  10. Rythm it is
  11. The Woodsman
  12. Yasmin
Winner: Andejakt
Jury, the Kosmorama Award
  1. Karin Julsrud
  2. Erik Poppe
  3. Iram Haq
  4. Gaute Hesthagen
Jury, The Pitching Competition
  1. Harry Guttormsen
  2. Erlend Loe
  3. Karin Julsrud
Jury, Kosmonaut of the Year
  1. Rune Langlo
  2. Yngvild Sve Flikke
  3. Brede Hovland

Summary Kosmorama 2005


The 2004 Kanon Award

  1. Best director: Hans Petter Moland, The Beautiful Country
  2. Best production: Jørgen Storm Rosenberg, UNO
  3. Best actress/actor in a leading role: Aksel Hennie, UNO
  4. Best actress/actor in a leading role: Stig Henrik Hoff, Hawaii, Oslo
  5. Best editing: Einar Egeland, Hawaii, Oslo
  6. Best script: Aksel Hennie, UNO
  7. Best photography: John Andreas Andersen, UNO
  8. Best film: UNO, voted on in collaboration with the newspaper Adresseavisen


  1. Prepple Houmb performed “Hodet under vannet”
  2. Ulf Risnes performed “Man on the moon”
  3. Mannskoret performed “Kristallen”
  4. Kirsti Huke performed “Deranged”
  5. Ola Kvernberg performed “A fistful of dollars”
  6. Hans Jørgen Støp performed “A wicked game”
  7. Margaret Berger performed “Kool thing”
  8. Ando Woltmann performed “More than this”
  9. Siri Gjære performed “Bang Bang”
  10. Andreas Elvenes performed “Love will tear us apart”
  11. Håvard Bakke performed “Englefjes”

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