Film Summer with Kosmorama – Week 31

Every Friday this summer we will recommend different available movies you may enjoy, late summer nights. We introduce 4 films every week and promise several great film moments!

This week we’ve lined up two action films but balance it out with a documentary about a spectacular artist and a visit to a magical chocolate factory. 


R is the brutal story about Rune who’s put in one of Denmark’s most dangerous prisons. Through Rune’s first days we’re given an insight into the hopelessness and the game that takes place behind the walls of a maximum security prison where most of the inmates are serving long sentences and where you have to choose sides in order to survive.

Roland Møller who plays “Mureren” visited Kosmorama in 2015 with the film Land of Mine but it was during the production of R, where he was brought in as an advisor, that his talent as an actor was discovered. Møller is today a public critic of the politics of criminal justice in Denmark. He’s also starred in multiple movies and won several awards.

R is available on Netflix og TV2 Sumo.

Original Title: R
Country: Denmark
Running time: 99 min
Language: Danish



Original Title: The Drop
Country: USA
Running time: 106 min
Language: English


Bob Saginowski (Tom Hardy) is a bartender at Cousin Marv’s bar, formerly owned by his cousin Marv (James Gandolfini) but now owned by local mobsters and used for money laundering. When the bar is held up and the mobsters’ money stolen, the problems escalates for Tom who’s just started caring for an injured puppy – and the beautiful Nadia (Noomi Rapace).

Director Michaël R. Roskam was nominated for Kosmorama’s New Directors Award in 2012 for Bullhead and again in 2015 for The Drop, James Gandolfini’s last film. The Drop is available on Viaplay.


The Documentary:


Original Title: Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang
Country: USA
Running time: 76 min
Language: English/Mandarin


Cai Gou-Qiang is not like other artists. His paint brush is gunpowder and fireworks and the sky is his canvas. In Sky Ladder we get to know this extraordinary artist, the designer of the fireworks display during the Beijing olympics’ opening ceremony in 2008, and follow him and his team as they work on his most ambitious art project yet: the Sky Ladder.

Sky Ladder is available on Netflix.


The Family Film:
(TIM BURTON, 2005)

Original Title: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Country: USA
Running time: 115 min
Language: English


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is Roald Dahl’s amazing story about Charlie who wins a golden ticket to visit Willy Wonka’s magical chocolate factory. Willy Wonka is not like everybody else and who wins the biggest prize in the end, only the movie can tell.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is available on Netflix.


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