Film Summer with Kosmorama – Week 29

Every Friday this summer we will recommend different available movies you may enjoy, late summer nights. We introduce 4 films every week and promise several great film moments!

Our recommendations this week are all about relationships; the relationships between people, between sports and politics, family traditions and independence and between man and machine. 


The Dark Horse is the true story of chess player Genesis Potini who suffered from bipolar disorder. He started a chess club, The Eastern Knights, with two friends which aimed to give local at risk kids an alternative to a life of gangs and crime. Genesis Potini died in 2011.

The Dark Horse tells two underdog stories and maybe that’s why this film succeeds where others fail. On the one hand this is a classic underdog story about a group of kids participating in a chess tournament after just 6 weeks of practice and the odds stacked against them. On the other is the underdog story of Genesis Potini against himself and his disorder, the society and his closest friends and family. Additionally, the narrative is deeply rooted in Maori culture, language and myths and together director Robertson has managed to create an inspiring and warm underdog story with a lot of depth.

The Dark Horse was hailed as one of New Zealand’s greatest films ever made and awarded several awards at home and abroad. The film is available on Viaplay.


Original Title: The Dark Horse
Country: New Zealand
Running time: 119 min
Language: English




Original Title: Sufat Chol
Country: Israel, Germany
Running time: 87 min
Language: Arabic


The story takes place in a small bedouin village in the south of Israel and deals with the conflict between the traditions of the parents and a daughter’s wish to choose her own life. Faced with the humiliation of having to prepare the celebration of her husband taking a 2nd wife, Jalila remains in control of her emotions, following the traditions and the rules of their culture. But when she finds out her daughter is in an illegal relationship with a boy at school, their family life and her faith in the traditions starts to fall apart.

Sand Storm was nominated and awarded several awards from film festivals across the globe and is available on Netflix.


The Documentary:

Original Title: Red Army
Country: USA, Russia
Running time: 84 min
Language: English and Russian


During the cold war the Sovjet national hockey team were invincible and the pride of their nation and fought the cold war on the ice with a unique playing style. Through a series of interviews, this documentary shows how sports reflect our society and how the Red Army demonstrated the superiority of the communistic ideology. We follow the rise and fall of the hockey team and see how it coincides with the collapse of communism. Red Army offers a unique insight into Sovjet’s political ideology and history.

Red Army is available on TV2 Sumo.

The Family Film:

Original Title: Wall-E
Country: USA
Running time: 98 min
Language: English


After centuries of mindless consumption and environmental destruction the earth is overflowing with garbage and the humans have left the earth while waiting for the robots to clean up their mess. What they don’t know is that there’s only one robot left who can save the planet. And he’s lonely…

Wall-E is available on Viaplay.



The Cinema Premiere:

Original Title: Slava
Country: Bulgaria, Greece
Running time: 101 min
Language: Bulgarian


Glory tells the story of a top executive who by hiding corruption ruins an honest worker’s dignity. A classic story about the little man against the system, the money and the power, a rotting society where cynicism prevails over honesty.

Directors Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov were nominated for the New Directors Award at this year’s Kosmorama and premieres at cinemas July 21th, 2017.


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