Film Summer with Kosmorama – Uke 30

Every Friday this summer we will recommend different available movies you may enjoy, late summer nights. We introduce 4 films every week and promise several great film moments!

This week a small family is challenged by corrupt politicians, a group of aid workers are challenged by a dead body in a well, an inventor tries to tackle the challenge of providing clean water to billions of people, and the culinary world of Paris is challenged by a rat


Kolia leads a simple and withdrawn life in a beautiful location on the coast with his wife and son. The town’s mayor desires Kolia’s plot of land for himself, but Kolia is not about to give up without a fight.

Leviathan is Andrey Zvyagintsev’s merciless criticism of corrupt politicians, bureaucracy and church in today’s Russia where the film is controversial simply because it so efficiently exposes church and politics.

Leviathan is available on Netflix.

Original Title: Leviafan
Country: Russia
Running time: 140  min
Language: Russian



Original Title: A Perfect Day
Country: Spain
Running time: 106 min
Language: English (and a few others)


In the last days of the Bosnian war a unlikely group of aid workers try to remove a dead body from a well, a task that proves more difficult than expected. A Perfect Day is a dark comedy about bureaucracy, war, good deeds and the question of who is actually helping who?

A Perfect Day was part of Kosmorama in 2016 and is now available on TV2 Sumo.

The Documentary:

Original Title: SlingShot
Country: Georgia, USA
Running time: 88 min
Language: English


Most people are familiar with the Segway, but few knows the name of its creator. Dean Kamen has been an inventor his entire life and even though his most famous creation eliminates the need to walk, his primary focus is to solve the big health challenges that threatens human beings across the globe. SlingShot is the documentary about the invention with the same name, a water filtration system that could save millions (if not billions) of lives, and lets us get to know one of our time’s greatest inventor.

SlingShot is available on Netflix.


Dean Kamens ted Talk profile

The Family Film:

Original Title: Ratatouille
Country: USA
Running time: 108 min
Language: English


Remy the rat dreams of becoming a chef despite his family’s wished and the fact that his kind is not usually welcome in a kitchen, but when Remy finds himself right underneath his favorite chef’s restaurant, it’s an opportunity he can not miss. With the help of a young kitchen worker Remy is about to turn Paris’ culinary world up side down!

Ratatouille is available on Viaplay.


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